Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008

construction (brick)
Here's that building that I mentioned yesterday, with the brick on one side, from the side with the brick.
kinda close?
Doesn't this building look awfully (as in "awful") close to the bike path and the hedge?
I usually bike through the park but I decided to walk to the library which is why I got this photo.
garbage close-up
That's right. Someone stopped to enjoy sitting in the shade of some trees in the park, to enjoy the natural environment, and to have their cup of coffee. And then they spoiled it for everyone else by leaving the empty cup when they left. Shame on you. (To forestall the question, yes, I picked it up and put it in a bin by city hall.)
On a more pleasant note, I noticed killdeer in the park for the first time this week. I saw one running away from me and stopping to hunker down every few feet. it wasn't the "broken wing" decoy they usually use but it was close.
A wildlife photographer, I am not. I figure they must have a nest near by but I'm not going to look for it for fear of jeopardising the babies. I'm amazed that birds like this that just lay their eggs on the grass manage to survive year after year. I know that killdeer young hatch way late and can run about earlier than other birds but still - they must be so vulnerable.

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