Sunday, October 21, 2007

October 21, 2007

Today the high was 22C and it was sunny and windy and especially lovely for October 21. We went for a walk around Centrepointe Park at around 6pm and took the big, complicated camera so Peter could teach me how it works, and so I could take a photo of the beaver-chewed trees. That's right, there are three trees that have been chewed by beavers at the duck pond! What I want to know is - where did those beavers come from? There must be a conduit from the stream the runs by the transitway and it must run under Baseline, otherwise how could they get here?
Centrepointe Park, Nepean
This is one of two that were completely chewed down and have been marked by the parks people. The other tree is the same size and has been chewed around so it will die but it is still standing.
Centrepointe Park, Nepean
Other people were out for a walk or a bike or to play a little pick-up soccer but there weren't any geese on the grass.
Centrepointe Park, Nepean
There were however, plenty in the sky.
Centrepointe Park, Nepean
Some folks biked over to feed the ducks at the pond.
Centrepointe Park, Nepean
When we turned around, the setting sun lit up the trees.
Centrepointe Park, Nepean
More geese flew north to the Ottawa River for the night.
Centrepointe Park, Nepean
And as the sun went down, it started to cool quickly and we were done for the day.


zoom said...

Wow, those geese formations are very impressive. They look like they're starting to get serious about the exodus now.

8675309 said...

Lovely photos, Julia!

I was thinking of you an e-mail from the NaNoWriMo folks. I will not be participating this year, due to puppy overload (and the fact that I haven't yet read last year's novel). But I was wondering what you were up to, when BAM! I got your e-mail.

So glad you're blogging! I'll add you to my fancy Google Reader forthwith. :)

JuliaR said...

Zoom, I know you lurves the geese (as I do) so I'll try to get close-ups.

Jenny, since I flopped at NaNoWriMo last year, I am not sure about this year, although I may sign up as a sucker for punishment. Hope you like my stories of the 'hood! (I always think of Jenny from the Block as Jenny from the Hood, since I don't know the song anyway.)