Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28, 2008

Sometimes depending on the mood, I remember that Very Odd alphabet rhyme by Edward Gorey: "N is for Neville, he died of ennui", only I always think it is Nigel, maybe because that was my uncle's name, but he didn't die of ennui.

It's not that I really have ennui so much as that I have nothing new to write about the 'hood. We have had more snow and more snow and today it is c-c-cold out there. Today started at minus 22 C (-8F) with a windchill of -30 (-22F). I have determined that I am not going to go outside today - it's too much bother. Two pairs of pants, two hats, scarf, mitts, big socks. I get to the point where I just don't want to any more. I am longing for all the things that Zoom mentioned in her blog about what Spring has to offer. Mostly, to be able to leave the house without boots and three additional layers.

But I do have to say in its defence that the sun is noticeably, appreciably stronger. Even walking home yesterday in the wind, I could tell it felt warmer because of the sun. The Equinox is only 20 days away! And despite the temperatures, the sun is melting the snow wherever it can get a purchase on dark pavement.
it's still Winter
Here's the bike path behind the transit station. In spite of the cold and the blowing snow, there is still some bare pavement here and there.
it's still Winter
The wind has blown the snow into ripples like sand in a desert. I suppose in the desert they say the sand looks like snow drifts.
it's still Winter
The wind is relentless and blows the fine dry snow into the path.
it's still Winter
Sometimes, the snow drifts get more sculpted than in other places.
it's still Winter
At home, that snow is now above the place where the branches come out of the tree. Previously, it had got close to that height but then we had the January melt. But now it is higher than ever.
it's still Winter
As I was taking pictures, I noticed rabbit tracks and it appears that this athletic bunny hopped UP the mountain of snow. On his way to where? Maybe it is a treat to be able to eat the branches high up in a tree - something a rabbit would never get to do in the Summer. At least, I don't think rabbits can climb trees.
it's still Winter
But squirrels can. Here are two robust looking squirrels' nest. I hope they are safe and relatively warm up there today.


8675309 said...

I *love* the Gashleycrumb Tinies!!!!

JuliaR said...

Jenny, it is just too weird!

When I got your comment, I found that the link no longer worked and I went looking for a better one and ended up with two. Now I know I have to switch to Firefox because that stupid Blogger Dashboard crashed my Safari 4 times while I was trying to edit this post. GRR!.