Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1, 2008

Not an April Fools joke (I loathe practical jokes in any event).
It's a terrible photo but I couldn't wait to make it better to share it. These are my crocuses coming up! All Winter, I have been staring out the upper window, off at the horizon or at the cardinal in the top of the tree next door. But I have obviously failed to look down until this afternoon. I was opening the windows because it is so balmy - currently it says it is 13C (55F) - and chanced to look straight down. That's when I noticed that not only had the snow melted from the corner of the yard but that my crocuses were out and blooming! Of course, I still can't get over to them without tall boots but soon! Actually, sooner than I think because I have a netting over them to keep the squirrels away from the bulbs in the Fall and I don't want them to grow up through the netting so I will have to get out and shovel. But it's worth it.


zoom said...

I'm thrilled for all of us!

JuliaR said...

Somebody told me they saw a robin! Now I'm worried because they eat worms and grubs and there's an awful lot of snow to melt yet. But I suppose they will manage.