Friday, January 11, 2008

January 11, 2008

This blog tends to be more about the weather than anything else, but weather is a big thing up here, I guess.
That wind we had two days ago really was fierce and blew parts of houses off and trees down. We didn't have any damage here in the hood thank goodness. And now Winter is back, even if it's not that cold. We had had a little snow over night and then freezing rain in the morning, followed by plain rain. It's above freezing now so we won't have the horrible results of the Ice Storm of 1998 following up today.
On my way home, I saw several bunny tracks but couldn't find a clear enough imprint for a photo. Then, right in front of my own garage door, I found this set in a track that went all around the house and into the back yard.
bunny tracks
You can tell by the toenails that this bunny was hopping from right to left. His front feet are in the "back" - they are the pair set close together. He plants his front feet and then swings the hind feet forward and that's why the hind feet prints (they are wider apart) are in front of the front feet.


Kathleen said...

Hi Julia,

Good picture of the rabbit's feet. I feed a rabbit in my backyard. I leave him some carrots and lettuce out and in the morning they are gone. Sometimes he leaves me a end of a carrot. I have named my rabbit George. He is really tame and hungry quite a bit. I know that I should not be feeding him, but someone has to feed them in the winter. I really enjoy your blog and I hope that other people out there will leave you comments also.

JuliaR said...

Kathleen, I know what you mean about not feeding the wildlife. I am conflicted about it too. I worry that if I start feeding them, I have to continue because they will rely on me. And if I stop, then they will die. So I don't even start.

As for who is reading this blog, I am getting between 10 and 20 hits a day, with about half from the U.S. and half from Canada. But there is an interesting sprinkling of hits from Spain, the U.K., Australia, etc.

Granny J said...

Cool pic of the rabbit tracks; I hadn't realized just how they were created!

JuliaR said...

Granny J, I can't remember when I learned about rabbit tracks but it was a very long time ago. Once you think about the front and hind feet, and the motion of hopping, it all makes sense.