Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

buried bench
I took these pix back on the 30th and here it is, the new year already and no new pix! It is so nice that the interior path in the park is being clearing this year. But the back of this bench poking out of a snowbank shows how much they have had to work at it. I don't know why the picture is crooked - I don't think I was standing with my right leg in a hole.
I spotted this squirrel keeping an eye on things in the copse of trees by the old Nortel buildings.
I wonder if they are digging through the snow to find the nuts they buried in the summer? I haven't seen any evidence of tunneling and it would probably take them all day. To add insult to injury, we are currently getting even more snow. I know we can always look out the window, but I like some web cams for giving me a view of other parts of the city too. At any given moment, you can see what is happening up on Parliament Hill. And for comparison, the spider cam points south.


Granny J said...

Your pictures of fluffy winter squirrels remind me of the prime above-snow storehouse of food we have: acorns planted into tree trunks, limbs and eaves by our wonderful acorn woodpeckers. I've always wondered just which critters benefit the most.

While I am here and shivvering with you, a Very Happy New Year, julia!

JuliaR said...

Happy new year to you too! I see the jet stream has shifted and today you must have been warmer. We are in a deep freeze today (windchill of -30C or -22F) but by Monday, it will be above freezing! I am thinking the Spring will be loverly.