Friday, December 28, 2007

December 28, 2007

bunny tracks
What I saw today was bunny tracks.
bunny tracks
A few years ago, I saw a rabbit most days when I walked by the Centrepointe Theatre. He seemed to hang out on the hillside (very steep but not deep) that ran down to the driveway access to the theatre basement. I saw evidence of him in the early winter but then nothing until one day in the Spring, I saw his little body as the snow melted under one of the trees beside the building. It was very sad.
bunny tracks
Today, I noticed bunny tracks for the first time in the years since his demise. There is some cover on this hillside - some sturdy evergreens. But it doesn't look like there are many resources and I am not sure where the rabbit would have its home. In this third photo, the dark grey at the top of the photo is the driveway at the bottom of the steep slope.
clear bike path
I'm pleased that the bike path behind the Baseline transit station is being kept clear. Now I can walk in relative quiet and saltlessness, instead of trekking through the station itself.
live Christmas trees
I also noticed the fir trees covered in picturesque snow forming a wind break at the edge of the giant parking lot that once belonged to Nortel but now belongs to the City. They looked so classic that I snapped their picture, even if the picture itself is not great. And it was a grey and dull day today but for all that, nice and mild. I'll take this over 30 below any day.


Charles A-M said...

That pathway was a lifesaver in Dec/Jan 04/05. It turned my bike ride to Baseline station from a 20-minute trip along Hunt Club, Knoxdale, and Woodroffe into a 15-minute ride along quiet, peaceful paths.

(I still ended up moving downtown, to save the additional 30-minute bus ride)

JuliaR said...

Charles, welcome to this blog! Are you some kind of twin, or what? I was browsing through some of your old blog entries and we have much in common. I'm going to start some "local blogger" links on the sidebar and will add yours if that's okay? We are also inveterate cyclists and don't own a car. My husband continues to commute to work downtown by taking that bike path - it is 16 kms each way and he does this in under an hour. And our last >holiday was by bike.

Happy new year!

zoom said...

Poor wee bunny!