Thursday, December 6, 2007

December 6, 2007

We're getting there with the clearing of snow for pedestrians. But we still need the snow blowers to come along and chew it up and spit it into trucks.
partly blocked sidewalk
For some reason, this one little stretch of sidewalk in front of a building for handicapped folks was not cleared. The main exit to the handicapped busses is cleared (that's where I'm standing) but not the sidewalk leading over to the marked crosswalk.
snow issues
Up at the crosswalk itself, the banks have been completely cleared away so you can cross the street where the lights are. I snapped this photo when I did to catch the cyclist braving his way down Centrepointe.
cross here now!
Finally, the walk signal has meaning!
still life with air conditioner and ceramic pot
Out behind our house, it is apparent that we won't be needing the air conditioner for a while. The pot perched on top of it normally holds a candle in the summer, and hides among the leaves of whatever herbs I'm growing in the garden.
BBQing in the snow
In spite of not needing the air conditioner, Peter is still out there, bravely barbequing for his summer-starved wife.


Katie said...

Great pictures Julia. Peter does a nice job clearing away the snow in the backyard. The pictures are really good, but I find that there is a lot of salt being used around the Ben Franklin Place and also around the drug store and the bank area. I really don't think they have to use so much salt. It really hurts the dogs feet. Have you noticed how much excessive salt is being used?

JuliaR said...

Thanks for your comment Katie. I have railed against the salt for years but am not sure what to do about it. I even made the subject part of the next entry.