Friday, December 7, 2007

December 7, 2007

Neighbourhood Christmas lights
Last night on his walk home, Peter noticed some nice lights right in the immediate 'hood and went back out to take a snap after I brought him the camera. I have a giant bucket of lights in the basement and haven't deployed them since we lived in the country. One day.
How high is that snow bank?
On the way down Centrepointe this morning, I thought I would try to give an idea of how tall the snow banks are. I stood right next to one and placed my hand on top of it, without bending over to that side. Granted, I am only 5'2" but I would say my old Labrador would have had a hard time seeing over them!
Ominous sky
The photo doesn't look like much but the sky is really dark in the north, past the hedge. It was about 8:30 on the morning when I took this one, and it was snowing when I headed home at about 11 am.
A gentle snow falling (sideways)
Here's the bike path on the way home. If you look really closely, you can see the snow against the buildings. You can always click on the photo and it will take you to Flickr where you can make the photo larger. It looks like a plow has gone by on the left (or south) side of the path and hasn't returned to clean the bit of drifting snow that is starting to accumulate on the right side. I am not sure why the snow is interspersed with spots of bare pavement, however.
Too much salt
This is what an excess of road salt looks like. This is over at the old Nepean City Hall and the salt has been this way for several days now. I had a comment yesterday about too much salt and this has been one of my constant gripes over many years. However, I am not sure if complaining to city hall (or whoever) would do much good. I fear we would get a response that said something about better too much so people don't fall down, sort of thing. And the amount of salt is not consistent so I think it depends on who is putting it down and how they were instructed, etc. I do remember the days when I had a dog and the poor thing would end up holding one paw in the air and then she would have to stand still so she could hold two paws in the air, because the salt stung her feet. Maybe a petition is in order?

Finally, this garbage thing has always been an issue with the condo and probably always will be, I don't have photos but this morning on my way out, I noticed one particular blue box piled very high and precariously with plastic items. They were a foot above the rim of the blue box and I had a feeling that the garbage collectors might not be too careful when they picked up that box. Sure enough, on the way home I saw that all the garbage had been picked up but that beside the overturned blue box were many yogurt containers, a jar, a plastic bottle, and some other things - all of which had been perched on top of the other contents of the blue box. I have learned that it is not in the garbage collector's job description to pick up stuff that falls out of the bag, or in this case, off the top of the recycling box. It is up to the homeowner and garbage-putter-outer to make sure the garbage is contained and in such a format that the garbage collector just has to grab it and toss it in the truck. So let's be careful out there people.

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