Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13, 2007

The snow clearing happened yesterday. Unfortunately, I think we are to get more snow today.
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Some paths were cleared early in the day but by the afternoon, they had drifted in with blowing snow. The wind was quite stiff yesterday and even though the temperature started mildly at about minus 3C, it slid during the day and ended up at minus 16 this morning (3F). Currently (at 10am) it is still -16C but the windchill makes it feel like -24 (-8F). Hmm, doesn't sound as cold in Fahrenheit.
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The wind continues to sculpt the snow on the roofs. I called the condo corp about getting that overhang knocked off before it falls on someone's head. It's only because it is right above someone's doorstep.
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Then later in the day, the machines were out clearing snow in the immediate neighbourhood. I went to see what they were doing when I noticed them all stopped at the end of my driveway. I saw someone with a gas can but that's when I noticed they had broken off the entire branch of the tree in front of our house, the one that had the squirrel's nest on it. I am sure there were no squirrels in the nest, but it bothered me to see that the whole branch had gone.
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Part of it was in the driveway but the bulk of it had been shoveled off to the side and was sticking out of the main pile of snow. I know accidents happen but it's a little annoying.


Granny J said...

It looks like winter has settled in for a bit of a stay up your way! One nice thing about the SW mountain country is that instead of salt, the road people put out volcanic cinders to melt the snow and ice. Much easier on the undersides of cars!

zoom said...

Poor tree. :(

JuliaR said...

GJ, salt is terrible on cars and dogs' feet. Sand would be better I think, but I'm no expert.

Zoom, I really felt bad when I saw what had happened. i was just glad there were no squirrels in the nest. That tree was trimmed a few years ago and I thought they should have taken down that front branch too. Guess I was right.