Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9, 2008

We've been having quite the thaw for the last few days. Here's what the circle in front of Nepean city hall looked like on December 17:
deep snow Dec. 17, 2007
And here's what it looked like today:
melted snow Jan. 9, 2008
You can see the bushes now.
ground fog Jan. 8, 2008
For the last few days, we have had thick fog, as the air temperature has soared to 10 C or above (50 F). It is spookily quiet, especially early in the morning. This photo doesn't do it justice but my batteries died the day before when it was thicker.
melted snow
Today I took notice of how much snow had disappeared off the "bunny hillside".
bunny poo
But there was plenty of evidence that new bunnies were busy (look at the centre of the photo). Today the wind was ferocious. If there had been ice on the ground, I wouldn't have been able to make any headway at all. The weather folks say it is gusting to 60 kph (38 mph) but I think it is even stronger than that.

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