Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 2, 2008

On my way to the grocery store this morning, a route that takes me behind the bus station, I passed a young man picking up garbage. He had a large green garbage bag and a large paper yard waste bag. I didn't stop because I was on a mission but I noted that he was not wearing an orange safety vest. That, coupled with it being a Saturday, made me think he was not being paid to do this. On the way home (only 30 minutes later), I saw that he had been joined by two women, also each with a green garbage bag and paper bag. The plastic bags were those fancy types that don't puncture. They were wearing gloves and had long handled grabbing devices.

[An aside: I thought there was a major brand called "Grabbit" but when I Googled it, I only got software with that name.]

As I biked toward the first woman, I stopped and asked if she was a volunteer and she said that they were volunteers and had decided to walk around Centrepointe and pick up garbage where it needed it. I thanked them and said we all appreciated their efforts. Me especially.

I think it sets an example when people do good works. And I think there is validity to the broken windows theory of urban living and prevention of vandalism. If you see a lot of trash strewn about, maybe you won't hesitate to throw your empty Horton's cup into the mix. But if you are looking at a garbage-free space that looks nice, maybe you will hesitate before dumping your own trash on the ground. So kudos to those volunteers and maybe more will be inspired to do good works.


8675309 said...

That's fantastic!

JuliaR said...

Jenny, it's always heartening to see folks doing good deeds, especially when they don't have to.

Will said...

Now if only we can get some volunteers to clean up the grafitti around the city. Once again this would continue with the broken window theory.
AJ, I've never really read a bunch of your blogs but some of these are very interesting. It's a shame i didn't start reading them earlier. Cheers.

JuliaR said...

Hey Will! Glad to see a family member at the blog! Only Peter seems to comment much and he almost "has" to - I think it's in his job description as a spouse. :)