Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 30, 2008

Today, I went through the park to look at the back of the construction site.
I haven't been biking through the park since I saw that they had cut a swath across the path and replaced it with loose gravel. Even with the grocery bike, it's difficult to negotiate loose gravel. And I don't really know what this trench was in aid of. I would think the sewer and other connexions would go out to the road in front.
Standing at the gravel, I took this shot. I don't know why the fences are always down and why they are so bent and beat up.
I took the above (dark) picture and am putting it up here so you can see the difference between my amateur shots and a shot made from the same place by someone who knows what he is doing with a camera.
construction site
Quite the difference, eh?
Finally, here is what I was writing about when I said the backs of the houses will be smack up against the bike path. Where the path bends, it comes within about 10 feet of the foundation wall of that building. Maybe they will move the path?

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