Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008

Finally I took my camera with me on my morning run and now I have pix of the beaver damage.
beaver damage
You might want to click on this one to see it larger. As well, it has notes on it to point out where the hole in the bank of the island is, which may possibly be the beaver's home. The downed trees look like they were a clump of three trunks together before the beavers chewed them through.
red winged black bird
A wildlife photographer I am not. However, this bird sat there prettily enough for me, with his red wing patches shining in the sun. Past him is the other end of the island in the pond and it's possible beavers have their home there too. Or maybe the island is honeycombed with tunnels! Except, I don't think beavers make tunnels.
Pretty blossoms in the Spring. Let's hope someone traps and relocates the beaver before he chews all of the trees down.
construction from afar
This is what the construction looks like from the other side of the park

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