Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14, 2008

The Equinox is almost here! And this morning I heard the Cardinal singing again.
the harbinger of Spring
I snapped a photo out the back, upstairs window with full (albeit limited) telephoto on. Then I cropped it to make him as big as I could. (If you hear a Cardinal, and they are the loudest birds around here, look up because they like to sit in the very tops of trees.)
Cardinal close-up
He's all pixilated but he still looks lovely to me.
collapsing snowbanks
On the way to work this morning, I saw that the snow banks had started to crumble in onto the sidewalks. I suppose I cannot complain because there are places that don't have clean sidewalks at all.

I also noticed yesterday that the fire hydrant that would service the houses in my area has not been uncovered. I knew approximately where it was but couldn't remember exactly.
buried hydrant
Here is what the island with the two trees on it looks like. The hydrant is somewhere in the middle, or so I thought.
Dec. 16. 2005
So I looked through some old photos and here is the puppy we raised for Guide Dogs, not interested in the hydrant but showing where it is. If you compare the two pix, you will see where one would have to dig to find it. I think there must be at least 3 feet of snow on top of it but because it is at the back of the island and near the car that isn't coming out until Spring, it will be difficult to dig out. I was going to go at it with a shovel but it really has to be attacked from the road side (because the car is on the way) and that means using a small snow blower to get near it.


zoom said...

I wonder if the pixelated cardinal is a distant relative of the pileated woodpecker?

JuliaR said...

HA! Good one Zoom. I may use that myself, some time.