Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 8, 2008

Yesterday in between snow storms (insert humourless laugh here), I noticed that there was now what appears to be framing above the foundations on the Minto building across from Marshy's.
construction progress
I wonder if it is framing because the buildings are three or more storeys high but time will tell. I don't have the blueprints.
piles of snow
I also noticed that the snow is kind of piled high at the side of the plaza. Last night we got another foot (not an accurate measurement - I just looked out the door) and we're getting more now. Peter took a few pix this morning. Zoom has decided she doesn't hate Winter any more. I know that no matter what, Spring will come along and soon. But the bother of boots and the weight of coats and the struggling through snow is beginning to pall.

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