Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 9, later in the morning

Even though I was pretty sure not many people would be at my class, I decided to act as if I was going anyway. I got up and had breakfast and organized myself and then spent about 20 minutes shovelling a path to the street, which itself was not yet plowed.
major snow storm of March 8, 2008
Nice neat path! The wind was from the East all night and our side of the quad drifted in more than the other side. That snow was about 2 feet deep and packed in. Before I took these pix, I had seen and talked with another neighbour who was out taking pictures. Right after I finished shovelling, I got the phone call that my class had been cancelled so I decided to take a few extremely local pix of my own. I didn't even get out of the quad, although I could now that they've started plowing.
major snow storm of March 8, 2008
I saw Robert across the way shovelling out.
major snow storm of March 8, 2008
I got a little closer and noticed that he didn't have Logan out with him as usual. Can you spot the dog?
major snow storm of March 8, 2008
There he is!
major snow storm of March 8, 2008
They have all the machinery out today.
major snow storm of March 8, 2008
John is saying, "Where are we going to put it all?!"
major snow storm of March 8, 2008
When John first shouted "hello!" from near the garage door, I could barely see his head above the snowbanks.

But. We still have not broken the record from 1970-71.


Granny J said...

My theeory is that the North Pole is migrating to a spot around the Great Lakes. My daughter in Alaska is talking about balmy (over 40 F) weather & melt, finland reputedly had NO winter, while there was snow in Baghdad & south China. Our February was 4 degrees colder than last year. I hope you are dug out soon.

JuliaR said...

Interesting theory Granny J! :) Apparently we only have about a foot to go before we break the record of the winter of 1970-71. I was around for that winter too and I remember the snow. So really, it's just like the good old days!

Anonymous said...

We can compare how high is your snow bank to my snow bank.
I leave near Baseline road and Clyde. I like hearing about your sewing projects.I am into knitting and crochet now. My first love is sewing. You jump started me back to sewing, thanks. (I worked at Fabricland downtown for ten years).
I thought I should say Hi! your blog has been part of my week for the past months.

JuliaR said...

Sunbinder, I know it is 3 months too late, but welcome to my blog! I am glad I have been inspiration to someone! I suppose you may never come back to read this but I couldn't see how else to send you this message, so there it is. I was cleaning out old messages from email and there was this comment from you that I swear I had never seen before. Oh well.