Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008

(Happy Birthday P.!)

The weather is typical of the month.
freezing (frozen) rain
Two days ago, we had freezing rain. Thankfully, it melted quickly but I was glad to have my YakTrax walking to work, especially after I saw one student fall hard on the slippery sidewalk.
construction site
They have been working away at the construction site, in spite of the weather. Yesterday, I noticed they had a Stone Slinger working at the foundations. I first encountered one of these machines at the Habitat for Humanity Build in the Summer and it was fun to recognize it.
Everything really starts melting when the sun comes out and I have noticed an appreciable reduction in the snow pile over the last few days.
peeking out the front door this morning
Unfortunately, this morning it had all come back. Sorry about how crooked the photo is but I was trying for a quick snap before the ice pellets blew in the door. We face East and that's the way the wind is coming this morning. Gusting to 41 kph.
no barbequing for a while
Out the back, it looks like we won't be barbequing for a while. But you know, that's deceptive because once it starts to melt, it really gathers momentum. We might have the bikes out before the end of the month! I live in hope.


Carmen said...

Julia, did you notice the blue-aqua tinge of the snow today? I had never seen that before. Just too cool!!! And yes, I confess, I still find the snow really, really pretty...even though I had to shovel a lot!

JuliaR said...

Carmen, I didn't notice any colour, no! But the other day I did notice how very sparkly the snow was - like real diamonds scattered on the surface.

I did think the snow looked pretty this morning but I have had enough, even so. And I'm not interested in breaking the old record, either!