Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6, 2008

The Citizen had a "winter by the numbers" story today. Part of what it said:

First snowfall: Nov. 20
Number of days since first snow: 108
Number of days with snow: 83
Number of days without snow: 25
Average March snowfall: 39.8 centimetres
March snowfall to date: 47 centimetres
Latest and heaviest snowfall: May 10, 1963, 15 cm

From CBC I get the following stats:

"With 357 centimetres of snow already this winter and more to come on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Ottawa seems on track to top the record 444.1 centimetres that fell in the winter of 1970-71."

[357 cm = 140 inches = 11.7 feet 444.1 cm = 174.8 inches = 14.5 feet]

But you know, it IS melting when the sun is out and the sun IS getting stronger and it really can't last forever. Really.

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