Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007, afternoon

My back aches. I have been pulling out all the frost killed plants. And it always takes me longer than I think - every time.
fall gardening
As I was pulling out and throwing out the annuals, I decided to clip and save the last of the black-eyed Susans, which are perennials. The leaves (the rest of the plant) haven't been damaged by frost yet but the flowers will be enjoyed longer inside than out, now that the rest of the bed is mostly dirt. I'm not used to perennials but I think I will just leave the bases of the daisies and let the snow cover them. I don't have real mulch, tree leaves will only be blown away, and the leaves of the perennial may act as a sort of mulch.
fall gardening
This is the side garden we created this Spring for the first time, right after the condo dug up the foundation and repaired it where the water had leaked into my basement. I thought the ground had settled but I was very mistaken and after I had planted everything, the ground sank by a matter of several inches. The two green plants flanking the edges of the photo are the black-eyed Susans. Next Spring, I shall get a few loads of topsoil and fill in this dent.
fall gardening
Around the back, I cleaned out most of both beds. I clipped back the poinsettia right to the base of the stem and when I did that, two of the five plants popped out of the ground so I gave them the heave-ho. I have no idea if this plant will survive a Winter here but it is quite close to the house and sheltered by the fence too, so it might just.
fall gardening
I am always amazed at how hardy herbs are. There are two kinds of thyme and oregano, growing close to the ground and over the edge and some kind of odd parsley that appeared because it self seeded from last year. I don't remember what I planted last year but this is fairly flat leafed but with small leaves and it tastes faintly of anise. I do know that when plants self seed, they often lose the over-bred and chosen characteristics of the plants you buy from the plant people. In the middle is the wonderful pine-smelling rosemary.
fall gardening
I now have three big yard waste bags to put at the curb tomorrow. As you can see, the yard guys didn't take away any of my leaves - yet.

Addition, Nov. 2:
Due to popular demand, here is a photo of the side garden in July. Enjoy.
the side garden in July


bikerider said...

You should put in a "before frost" photo to show how full and colourful it was. :)

JuliaR said...

Okay, I'll go hunt one up.