Friday, November 9, 2007

November 9, 2007

Preparations for Winter are proceeding apace. Unfortunately, some of them are inconvenient, at least to me.
Winter preps, bike parking gone
They have removed the bike rack from the south entrance of the Loblaws. Initially, I thought it was to make room for the outdoor Christmas stuff, but there is still room for a bike rack. I guess it has something to do with snow shovelling. I don't ride my bike in the snow, although some people do. But it hasn't snowed yet!
Winter preps, bike parking
For now, I will park at the LCBO, as they still have a little rack there.
Winter preps, geese (you have to squint)
As far as the geese go, they are still eating grass in the park! I think they had better get going soon or there will be no room in Florida for them.
And the construction site is busier than ever, lots of machinery, big holes, piles of dirt and gravel. It will be interesting to see what work they do after the ground freezes solid and the snow flies.



Hi Julia - thanks for finding my blog because that meant I could find yours. I also find that things are getting really inconvenient around Ottawa in preparation for winter. They're removing all the benches, so now there's no place to sit outside. And, they're draining all the water out of Mooney's Bay which is my favourite lunchtime walk, except now it's just sand and crunchy seaweed instead of sand and water. Now you tell me they're taking away all the bike racks, too! Ye gods. Isn't winter scary enough already?

JuliaR said...

Hi U.P.! (Remember in "Uncle Buck" how the kids call him U.B.? I want my niece and nephew to call me A.J. but they have not cottoned on to it.) I can't remember how I found your blog but it was from a comment you left on someone's blog who I regularly read - and I started to read yours because you were from Ottawa. Cool. Do you know KnitNut? Maybe that's where I saw your comment. Never mind. I've been trying to blog every day in the start-up of this blog and have missed once and now, again today, unless I blog about the hockey game we just watched.

It is totally lame about benches and stuff. What - we aren't tough enough to sit outside in the Winter? I have photos of us on the patio with snow all around. I may have more if I don't get the patio set in the garage soon. Good work blogging about Ottawa - let us all keep at it.