Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29, 2007

Today was so mild that the ducks were back!
Mallard couple
And I had my camera so I got these pix. Not great wild life shots, I will admit. But they are representative and I got to stand there and watch the ducks doing whatever it is that they were doing.
male Mallard
Mrs. Mallard had wandered off for the second shot but the male kept squishing the dirt and water and grass. I didn't capture his beak buried in the water and grass but it's close. I think he might have been swallowing here. :)
squirrel prints
Then as I was approaching home and still had my camera out, I saw these perfect little footprints in the snow. I am always surprised by how big squirrels' feet are. And you can see the tiny toenail imprints and everything.


Granny J said...

Thank you for the footprint -- now I'll have something to compare against! I don't believe we have any squirrels on my street (too many dogs and cats), but there is at least one chipmunk who scampers back and forth. And he has fellows up the hill...

JuliaR said...

Granny J, when I posted it I thought, how does anyone know how big those prints are? "Big feet" but for a small rodent. Next time, I shall have to put something in the photo to give scale. If you want squirrels, we got 'em! More than you can shake a stick at (remember that old expression? - I read a lot as a very small child - it explains the discrepancy for age-appropriate euphemisms).