Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007

It's a quiet day, even with the yard guys here to take away more leaves. Last week, they did end up mowing the grass too and maybe it's still growing and in need of mowing. I am going to be pulling out all my frost-bitten plants so I can put out the yard waste bag in tomorrow's garbage. Then I can plant my bulbs.
Nov. 1 2007
I only saw one pumpkin that had been rolled into the street and even it was not smashed. That's always a relief because it seems that people don't clean up messes like that once they hit the street, even if it was their pumpkin to begin with.
Nov. 1 2007
I liked the way the clouds looked this morning, contrasted against blue sky. It rained here and there, and now and then but I was lucky enough to avoid having to walk in the rain.
Nov. 1 2007
Some trees are hanging onto their leaves and some are completely bare but many are in this mostly-gone condition.
Nov. 1 2007
This was the western sky as I was out at 9 am and you can see the rain falling out of those flat bottomed clouds. They blew into the area while I was inside teaching and by the time I finished and left the building, it was sunny again.
Nov. 1 2007
Also at the construction site, I noticed one giant pile of crushed stone, along with a few smaller piles. Probably intended for foundations.
Nov. 1 2007
Enjoy the last few days of coloured leaves. We won't have any more until May some time.


Granny J said...

Cool new blog, Julia! Do keep at it -- it helps to get to know new places.

JuliaR said...

Thanks Granny J! Your own blog has been an inspiration. I hope mine matures into something more than what it is at the present.