Saturday, November 3, 2007

November 3, 2007

broken glass and skateboarders
There were about 6 skateboarders at the entrance to Centrepointe Park today. I thought we built (and paid for) a whole skateboard park, just to give them somewhere to go where they wouldn't damage property and get in the way of pedestrians. These guys did not get in my way and they did get out of the way of some other folks who were walking out of the park as I biked in, so I am not faulting them in particular. And I didn't smell dope either so I can forgive a lot. But there IS an entire skateboard park not very far away so I was just wondering...
broken glass
broken glass
I saw this broken beer bottle on Friday so it was there before the boarders got there today. The pieces are widely scattered so I suppose I should take a broom and clean it up because I don't want to have a piece give me a flat tyre and I am still biking through there regularly. I fail to understand what someone gets out of breaking glass on pavement.

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